Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sincerely, I'm Sorry

A week ago my best friend was chat me on BBM. Before I opened it, I even knew she has been totally angry. I didn't let her know about my new relationship status properly. Call me a jerk, I actually am. I'm pretty much freaking out by guessing that she doesn't like my boyfriend, she'll be very mad, bla bla bla... "It was not your boyfriend at all, it's about you're happy and I didn't know anything," she said. So yes. I hurt her :( For sure, I was not pretend nor ignore her on purpose. To be frank, I'm not as ready as it looks to publish this relationship for some reasons. In life we can't please all person around us. I figured out that I've made some people upset. Although, what a relief she gave me a forgiveness. She even support every single decision I made. I'd hide it from her for a big time, sincerely I'm sorry. So grateful she'll always be on my side no matter how. I love you, yank!

Ninda :)
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