Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Warung Orange

People in Solo have been talking about Warung Orange on social media and give a good review about the food. For the very first time I came to this place and saw the ambience, my respon was, "You don't be serious!". Despite the place itself looks so shoddy, their food has a statement. That is-so-called fine dining and moreover in a low budget. Warung Orange is located at Semanggi, Solo, near Kustati Hospital. They have Italian, Mexican and American cuisine on their menu. The price range for the meals starts from 15 K - 40 K, and 7 K - 18 K for the drinks. Recently, I finally had the time to come back for pleasing my tummy with one of my partner in crime Nanda Bagus . We ordered Beff Patty Steak (27 K) which served with salad, baby potatoes, and BBQ sauce and topped with three layers of cheese, and Chicken Parmegiana (20 K) as main course. Mine was tasted oh-so-delicious! We also picked blackcurrant ice tea (8 K), strawberry ice (7 K), and peppermint hot chocolate (8 K). As a dessert they offered Ebony & Ivory cake (18 K), definitely I said "Yes!". This cake has a richness chocolate tastes indeed! Dear chocolate lover, you gotta try this one!

You can visit their facebook here

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