Thursday, April 11, 2013

Daily Bread

"What's for breakfast?" Fried rice? Pancake (Am I sound western enough?)? A loaf of bread with milk? Or just simply a cup of coffee? The first thing I thought even before getting out off bed. So yes, I'm a foodie person. When it comes to food, I'll quite overwhelmed. You can ask my friends for sure. This morning I was too busy of making a difficult decision about what-to-eat, even though this is where I should pray in the very beginning. Hehe... Meanwhile, I got enlightenment in a flash. I've discovered man does not live on bread alone. Let's dig deeper, we need another "bread", God's word, something-something, you named it. I take a look at myself in few months ago. That "bread" had thoroughly given me a power while everything around me was tumbling down (not to mention broken-hearted issue). Aaaaaand my bread for today is about "The Penny Syndrome". Small contributions can make a huge difference. So here I am, divide all of those little thoughts. Hope this post will be able enlightening your mind throughout the hectic day. It's almost 5 PM anyway. What's for dinner? Nom nom nom...


"It's easy to feel like a penny in a trillion dollar deficit. But when we obey The Lord in every circumstance, it all adds up. Collectively, our acts of faith, large or small, make a big difference. And every penny counts."  - Fitzhugh

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