Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Belated World Book Day!

I read a book, therefore I am. There is no certain measurement to define either a good book or a bad one, not even from how many exemplars it was produced. For me a good book is one which pouring positive things in readers mind ― after I read them, life has never been the same again, or just simply make my day. Whether fiction or non fiction, those books give me a new mindset to facing the problem in life. And furthermore motivated me, push me to be a better person than I used to. Reading a book is habit, just as a cup of coffee to kick start a day. I'm a big fan of Sitta Karina and Dewi Lestari. They two could spread a spirit, love, thought, and even nationalism through their books. It's definitely captivated my heart! Happy Belated World Book Day! PF: 23 April 2013


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